Undercover learning!-By Madison

Undercover Learning-By Madison
One of the questions we're often asked here at Blue Sky School is: "how are we learning math?" It can be hard for people to understand that we learn math without a sit-down class, so I want to tell you about some of our undercover learning with regards to math. At Blue Sky, we often go shopping and we learned about unit value. Another example of when we do undercover math is in our house meeting. In the morning, our coaches put out a little sign with some reminders and a riddle or a "would you rather" question. Our coach Brianne displays the results of the survey answers for the "would you rather" questions in a pie chart. At the house meeting, we convert the percents into fractions and do some math connecting to the pie chart. At Blue Sky School we also do lots of cooking which involves measuring!One more example is all of the building we do that involves math with measuring and weight. Our garden team is also learning…

How I Came to Terms With The Villain in Our Society: Climate Change - by Grace Marshmallows

I've always tried to dismiss the obvious, I've always tried to convince myself that the planet is
not heating up, and most importantly, ignored the effect it might cause on us, humans.

When I was given the freedom to choose whatever project I wanted here at Blue Sky School,
at first I had no idea! But then, the oblivious glasses that were concealing my eyes seemed to
fly off as I looked out the windows every day to see that there were extremely weird weather
patterns. I was getting really curious and decided to do some research on why this was. I
figured out this was all due to a villain in our society: climate change, and climate change was
all due to us. Maybe we’re the villains in our society!

All of a sudden it hit me, the earth was heating up and as humans, we needed to clean up the
mess that we made. I started brainstorming ideas that I could do and it all came down to inspiring
others to take action with me. All heroes need to have an army, especially to take down the evi…

My Dream: A South Sudanese Women's Shelter - by Grack

With my school we went on this field trip to Future of Good. Future of Good was a two day event of 150 people from all over the world! It was about getting inspired and taking action to change the world and think about the future and how today might affect tomorrow. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

What really made that field trip so special for me is I had the privilege of getting to know these two women named Atong and Alia. They are both advocates for women in their countries and overall role models for every girl in the world. I know that they both inspired me and therefore inspired me to take action!

Atong is from South Sudan where women do not get a say in their lives. For example, some women are forced to get married at a very young age, forced to work at home, and most of the time, forced to have children. When I heard this, it broke my heart and I knew I needed to do something! I discovered what my heart break is. A heart break is something in the world …

90 Days at Blue Sky School Turned My Daughter into a Changemaker - by a Pioneer parent

Blue Sky School has ruined my daughter; she will not be able to go to a traditional high school.
After just 90 days in the Blue Sky School setting, she is now too confident, too self-aware, too assertive, and too mature to sit in a regular high school classroom.
She would annoy her high school teachers, respectfully questioning their statements and offering them thoughtful feedback on their teaching.
She would frustrate the administration, firmly insisting that every single student has the right to self-regulate and get centering time and physical activity in between every single class.
She would shut down the bullies and empower the quiet students.
She would be a disruptor. A changemaker. An advocate.
We took a chance on Blue Sky School because we were concerned a traditional high school experience would harm our daughter. She is smart and talented, but also sensitive, moral and inquisitive.
I often describe my daughter by saying, “It's as if she experiences the world in 4D while eve…

A New Experience!- By Madison

Today we had a very exciting experience. Blue Sky School went to Algonquin college to judge a competition. A few students in the interactive, media, design (i.m.d) program designed some different apps and programs. Each team had a different client and they had to create a product that matched there clients requests. Each of us was assigned 2 or 3 groups. We went to those groups and heard about there projects and asked questions. On our computers, we had a scoring sheet. We rated different categories like how they explained there display, how they displayed their project etc. Everybody's project was amazing. They were so creative and all of there displays were so cool. We have never had a chance to be judges like this before. It was such a neat oppurtunity and we learned so many things like the importance of teamwork, integrity, accountability and so much more. We are very grateful for this oppurtunity that Algonquin College has given us.

Are trips to Made Mill-By Madison

Blue Sky School has just begun partnering with a business called Made Mill. Made Mill is a company that helps people design and invent. For example, if you have a design on paper they could 3D print it for you so you can have a prototype of our design. Made Mill is located at Bayview Yards innovation centre. Will, Tom, Rebecca, and Peter from Made Mill have been helping us with a special project that they have given us. To design the city of the future. We have been designing in 2 different ways.The first thing we did was virtual reality. This is how virtual reality works. You put on a headset and you have a remote, it is like you have gone into another world. With the remotes, we all drew something we thought would make a difference in the future for the future. It was so amazing to see all of our creative and unique ideas. The second thing that we did was 3D printing. We used a program called "". is a website that allows you to create custom 3D p…

Thank You-Written by Madison

Dear Readers,
We would like to say thank you for showing us such amazing support by reading our blog posts and by expressing interest in our school. Your support has really encouraged us as learners and future changemakers. We hope you have a safe and restful holiday season and a very happy new year!

We are looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring!
Madison, on behalf of the Blue Sky School pioneers.  

P.S: Here is Blue Sky School by the number, showing some things we have done this year!!